Tips for Protecting Yourself during Flu Season

Cold and flu season

Medical experts are predicting this year to be the worst flu season in history.

Yikes! All these reports and headlines about this being a particularly virulent flu have gotten my attention. I feel like I need to DO SOMETHING to protect myself besides just washing my hands and eating my Thai Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup.


The Aromaid Clips that you have heard me mention before have a special formulation for fighting colds and flu. I will be putting those to good use. These powerful, little nose clips were developed by both medical doctors and aroma therapists. They help you take extra precaution against colds and flu in your work place, as you shop, or go about your day in other public places.  Pilots, and others who fly frequently, have been using them for protection against all those germs circulating in airplane air.

Aromaid clipsAromaid Immune Defense Clips boost the immune system against any respiratory illness. There are no side effects unless you are allergic to the PURE essential oils Lemongrass, Tea Tree. Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Peppermint. Here are some of the benefits of this tiny little clip:

  • Gives immune support when traveling or in crowds
  • Helps with sinus congestion
  • Helps staff members while taking care of contagious patients with respiratory illnesses in hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • Helps urgent care patients complaining of cold symptoms


This is such an easy and economical way to be proactive against colds and flu. Being a doctor committed to wellness, Dr. Ron Hunt, the developer, is offering these at a great price right for the season.

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