Cornucopia Salad: A Perfect Addition to Your Holiday Meals

cornucopia salad

As the name implies, Cornucopia salad is filled with an abundance of good things that are good for you, such as fruits, vegetable, nuts.

While it is delicious served any time of year, the colorful ingredients make it especially nice for holiday time. The dressing and candied almonds can be prepared ahead of time and added to the salad just before serving. It can become a main dish salad by adding salmon, shrimp or chicken.

cornucopia salad

I especially like the homemade dressing in the recipe, but to save a little time you can use a bottled dressing of your choice.

cornucopia salad

Cornucopia Salad
  1. ½ cup sliced almonds
  2. 3 Tbsp. granulated brown sugar
  3. 2 heads green leafy lettuce
  4. 4 green onions, sliced
  5. ¾ cup mandarin orange slices
  6. 1 honey crisp apple, sliced
  7. 1 avocado, sliced
  8. 1/3 cup dried cranberries
  9. ½ cup crumbled bleu cheese or goat cheese
  1. ¼ cup olive oil
  2. 2 Tbls. vinegar
  3. 2Tbls. sugar
  4. ½ tsp. salt
  5. ½ tsp. pepper
  6. 1 Tbls. fresh parsley, chopped
  1. Toss together all ingredients for the salad. At serving time, add the dressing, which can be made ahead of time.
  2. To make dressing, simply whisk together all dressing ingredients.
  1. Add chicken, salmon or shrimp to make it a main dish!
Simply the Best from Barbara McKay

Tell Me: What kind of salad do you like to enjoy during the holiday season?

  1. This looks delicious! I’m making it for my husband’s work Thanksgiving Meal and for our neighborhood get together.

    I enjoy seeing your post!


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