Have You Ever Seen Roses from Ecuador?

barbara mckay roses

I am fascinated by these gorgeous roses from Ecuador and thought you would also enjoy learning about them. 15,000 of these roses will be in this year’s Rose Bowl Parade. Ecuador’s unique location in combination with altitude and sun produce the world’s most beautiful roses.

barbara mckay roses

My long-time friend, Bryan McRae who owns Botanica knows flowers. He gave me lush bouquets of these exquisite roses for Christmas. Hugh Prather is a wonderful man from Charlotte who has moved to Ecuador where his business ships these botanical beauties all over the world. Because they come directly to you and me, they are fresh, long lasting, economical and fabulous. In January, Bryan will be visiting the farms where they are grown. Someday I want to make that trip!

barbara mckay roses

Meanwhile, click here to visit the official website learn more about the roses and how you can enjoy them. 

Tell Me: What are your favorite flowers this season? 

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