Fashion Friday: Should You Have a Personal Stylist?

barbara mckay stylist

Do you need a personal stylist? I didn’t think I did either until meeting the delightful Denise.

barbara mckay stylistShe is young, absolutely adorable, has perfectly beautiful hair that is sometimes pink, yellow or purple…all things I am not, yet she styles me better than I ever could myself (and I’m not too bad at it). Meet the magical Denise Shirley aka The Prism Effect stylist, who, as the name suggests, sparkles and shines.  No matter what your age, body type or personality, Denise has this extraordinary ability to style you in a way that brings out your best. She respects your own tastes and budget and has this uncanny ability to find phenomenal bargains on things that you will love, in places you have never heard of. She takes what you like, including things in your own closet, and like a fairy godmother, she transforms you into something fabulous. Along with her own amazing talent, she is completely connected to the best shopping, hair stylists, nutritionists, manicurists, trainers, photographers and others who can help you look great.

the_prism_effect and barbara mckay

Denise knows my closet better than I do…odd, but true. When going to an event, big or small, I can text her with what I am considering wearing and she immediately responds with suggestions for things I already own that are so much better than what I was thinking…things that instantly work for the occasion and the look needed. A quick phone call with her and my outfit is suddenly far more interesting and updated.

the_prism_effect and barbara mckay

Another important trait of a great stylist is that Denise makes you feel special, as if you and your wardrobe are wonderful, but she always knows ways to make both better. She cleans out your closet and puts things together you never dreamed about and suddenly your old things feel new again.

the_prism_effect and barbara mckay

Denise has the traits you should look for when choosing a stylist. There are many great ones. You want someone who…

  • Respects you, your budget and your personal image.
  • Has the ability to help all body types, personalities and ages.
  • Educates you as to what you should wear and should not wear
  • Shops wisely with you or for you
  • Is connected to other specialists to help you look and feel your best
  • Purges your closet, then organizes your outfits so you can make the best fashion choices quickly
  • Helps you with special occasions, events and travel
  • Provides for you a closet of clothes you actually love and wear

the_prism_effect and barbara mckay

Denise recently took me on a styling jaunt at Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall. My City Magazine Charlotte, a fun, informative publication headed up by the talented Charlotte native Ellen Gurley, detailed our shopping adventures in their latest issue. Fantastic photographer Katherine Kirchner captured our shopping spree, as you can see in a few of our photos here or you can read the story in this month’s My City Charlotte Magazine.

For more information, you can click here to contact Denise Shirley via email, you may also find her on Instagram @the_prism_effect.

Tell Me: Have you ever worked with a personal stylist before? 

    1. Barbara, thank you ever so kindly for your lovely words. It’s is a privledge being allowed to work with you along with being your friend.

      Thank you Donna! Feel free to contact me anytime you are ready- ❤️

  1. Love reading this and beyond appreciative to work with you and be your friend. Many thanks my lovley one!

    Donna- Thank you and I would love too! Feel free to contact me whenever you are ready 🙂

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