Fashion Friday: Proudly Wear that Ugly Holiday Sweater!

ugly christmas sweater

My daughter recently called asking to borrow an ugly Christmas sweater for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, quite confident that I had many of them. Suddenly, I realized that I don’t have a single qualifying Christmas sweater. I have red sweaters and green sweaters, but it seems that I need both colors on the same sweater…along with Santas, ornaments, bells, lights, reindeer, snow, and a holiday greeting.

ugly christmas sweater

 The same day of my daughter’s request, I went to one of my most favorite stores in the world, Diamonds Direct, without knowing it was their Ugly Holiday Sweater Day.  I was reminded AGAIN that my wardrobe lacks what has become a very cool garment, one so ugly that it is beautiful. I adore my friends at Diamonds Direct, who can make any day special. Their holiday sweaters day was so joyful. Every person in the store was smiling. I especially loved the Happy HanukCAT and Happy LLAMAkkah.

ugly christmas sweater

This morning I turned on TV and found Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest having the most delightful, festive time in their Christmas sweaters with dangling lights and matching twinkling headbands.

ugly christmas sweater

Looks like I have missed out on a major fashion moment, not owning one of the hottest items on the market. However, my Dolce & Gabbana Bengal cat sweater may, sort-of qualify and I will be proudly wearing it during and after the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ALL!

Tell Me: Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater?

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