Fashion Friday: Here’s Why I Love Sies Marjan

Sies Marjan brings us luminous fabrics in bright colors. I have always loved dressing colorfully and enjoying the reaction it brings. The new king of color is Sander Lak, the 35 year old creative director for Sies Marjan. Sander is known for his bright, beautiful colors that lift your spirits and his flowing, fluid shapes that keep you comfortable, no matter the occasion, casual or formal. His bold use of color has resulted in a lot of people who were wearing-all-black, changing into brilliant jewel tones. His celebrity fans include all ages, sizes, genders, and ethnicities from Beyonce to Isabella Rossellini and her son Roberto Star.  

Sies Marjan is named for Sander’s parents. His father’s first name is Sies and his mother’s first name is Marjan. He and his parents have such distinctive, attractive names to celebrate and Sander is making all very proud.

What a delight it was for me to recently meet this charming Dutch designer at Capitol Charlotte. We were all drawn to his endearing personality as well as his captivating clothes. With all of his recognition and success, there is no ego or attitude, just a fun, down to earth young man who expresses gratitude for being able to do what he loves. His passion for perfection in choosing just the right tones and textures is evident.

Sander was raised in Holland and Borneo, lived in Antwerp, Paris and London, but moved to New York to build his brand because he appreciates the opportunities our country offers and NYC is known for how it embraces newness. He very quickly became a nominee for the CFDA Award (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

I have several Sies Marjan favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I just HAD to have this neon pink shirt, not only for its happy color, but Sander had named it the Barbie shirt.

capitol style

With each wearing of his comfortable, colorful clothes, I think of this magical, joyful young man who deserves all the success coming his way.

Tell Me: Who is your favorite designer of the moment? 

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