Great Ways to Keep in Touch with Old Friends

Facebook is a great way to see what old friends are up to but, to me, it’s not the most genuine form of interaction.

As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep close relationships intact. Fortunately, just because your close friend may now live far away doesn’t mean that you two can’t remain close – it just means you have to get a little creative. Read on for a few easy ways to connect (and reconnect) with old friends.

Pick Up the Phone

Picking up the phone may sound like an obvious way to stay in touch, but when your career, children, significant other and/or errands occupy your time, spending an hour on the phone seems daunting.

It’s funny how much texting has eliminated the need for certain phone calls but – while convenient – text message conversations just don’t offer the same intimacy that a conversation over the phone does. In other words, make time for the occasional phone call.


Remember Birthdays

Whether you mail them a card, send a message via social media or call them (see above), they will appreciate it. Remembering birthdays is an easy way to show you (still) care.

See Each Other Face-to-Face

The great thing about technology is the ability to communicate from remote locations in real-time. Platforms like, Skype and Google Hangouts allow virtually anyone to video chat from anywhere.

Send Mail (Not Just Email)

There is no surprise quite like a random note of positivity in your mailbox. I cherish any written letters from my loved ones and, if anything, the cards are always a great conversation starter.

Tell Me: How do you keep in touch with old friends?

  1. Barbara I love this. I work at the post office yet I’m terrible at writing and sending stuff. Idk why. I don’t have a phone number for you so I can’t text or call so I guess we will have to message on here. Michael and I thank you very much for the wine glasses. The wedding pics hopefully will be available soon for us to see. SHE only sent us a few as a sneak peek. Have a great week love. Melinda

  2. Barbara,
    I am definitely “old school.” I love writing notes and cards to old friends, and sometimes, even letters. I am always on the lookout for new types of writing materials from every museum I visit, or from art/craft fairs while vacationing. People love receiving them , and it gives me pleasure to sit at my desk and “reach out.” This was something I picked up from my Mother, who lived only 40 miles away from me in Rowan County. She wrote me a weekly letter or note even though we talked by phone frequently. She probably held a world’s record for corresponding over 50 years with friends she met while being the wife of a Navyman….starting before I was born.
    It was nice to see your take on handwritten communication. Thank you.
    Anna Rufty Petrie

    1. Dear Anna,
      I love your beautiful message! I am getting back to my blog. I am thankful to say that I just successfully completed my breast cancer treatments and I am all healed! Praise God! Enjoy your summer and as always, thank you for the impact you have had on my life!

  3. Hey Barbara. Happy New Years and I hope all is well with you. I do miss ya but I thank you for messaging me thru Facebook. I love hearing from you
    Love Melinda

  4. You are absolutely correct. May I share with you that I often have such a good feeling when sending an unexpected card or note. The sensation may actually rival that of the feeling one receives upon receiving a card or letter from a treasured friend.

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