10 Daily Mantras to Inspire Happiness

A mantra – or a word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating – can help you train your mind to be more positive.

I believe each and every day should be a positive one, no matter what it may the day may bring you. I find that one way way to focus on the “good” is to begin each day with a mantra to bring in a positive outlook, and exclude the negative.

While some enjoy having one personal mantra they repeat daily, many others like to have a variety of positive affirmations for day-to-day positivity. Read on for 10 daily mantras to inspire happiness, and help you have your best day!



1. I will not judge or criticize anyone, including myself.

2. I will be grateful for everything.

3. My worth does not depend on others.

4. My setbacks are not failures.

5. I will be kind.

6. Each day is a blessing and a new beginning.

7. I will have an open heart and mind.

8. Suffering is temporary, and it will get better.

9. I will appreciate the simple things.

10. I am capable of more than I can imagine.

Tell Me: Do you use mantras for positive reinforcement?

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  1. This too shall pass.
    Everything happens for a reason. God knows what he is doing.
    Help others! I won’t be thinking about me.
    Always be kind. You never know what another person is gong through!!
    Gratitude gratitude gratitude! Be grateful and don’t complain and life will be more meaningful.
    I will have a great day!
    I CAN do whatever I want to do. I am capable !
    Always get back up if you fall down.
    And as Winston Churchill says “ Never, Never, Never give up”

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