Revamped Recipes: Tasty, Tangy Herbed Tomatoes

This revamped recipe for Tasty, Tangy Herbed Tomatoes comes from my cookbook Celebrate the Seasons!

This is certainly the season to enjoy homegrown tomatoes from your own garden or your local Farmer’s Market. They are delicious on their own, but this version is one that my mom and I both served often and we were asked for the recipe every time. It’s another favorite I have updated a bit.

Instead of Tarragon Vinegar, I used Balsamic Pomegranate Vinegar. While green onions are delicious in the original, I used sweet Vidalia onions this time. In this new version, I recommend serving the tomatoes with slices of fresh mozzarella cheese drizzled with the marinade and garnished with fresh basil leaves.

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Tasty, Tangy Herbed Tomatoes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Vegetables
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Vegetables
  1. Scald the tomatoes for a minute or so in hot boiling water so the skins will slip off easily. Remove the skins and core of each tomato. Place the tomatoes in a shallow glass dish.
  2. Combine the marinade ingredients and mix well. Pour over the tomatoes and chill overnight. Serve whole or sliced with fresh mozzarella cheese garnished with fresh basil leaves.
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Tell Me: What’s your favorite way to enjoy tomatoes? 

  1. Wow , we made this with Organic East Texas tomatoes , wonderful fresh Texas Water Buffalo mozzarella , fresh organic basil from our back yard and the wonderful other herbs listed in your recipe. we love the balsamic pomegranate vinegar .. this is a 5 star recipe !!

    1. Yum! Many thanks for the Texas version of this favorite!! YOU are an awesome chef. Please send me a favorite recipe of yours!

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