In Case You Missed It: My Appearance on WBTV’s Morning Break [Video]

Barbara McKay on WBTV

It was such a joy to return to WBTV and share my fresh apple cake recipe on “Morning Break” earlier this month!

Can you believe my appearance on the program marked the 38th year I’d appeared on WBTV? It certainly felt good to be back home.

WBTV even rebuilt a kitchen over the summer for “Morning Break” on the spot of the old kitchen that I used during my time at the station. Needless to say, it was truly a bittersweet experience and I really appreciate all of the positive feedback I’ve received from you all!

In case you missed my appearance, check it out below:

Tell Me: Which recipe would you like to see me prepare for my new YouTube channel?

  1. What a wonderful time you two had, and how great it was to see you being your oh-so-talented and gracious self on TV!
    WBTV should have you there regularly…

  2. It’s always terrific to see you, but it was especially good to see you back on television, because so much of what I watch these days brings me down rather than lifting me up.
    You lift me up regularly, and you did it again on the tube!

    Grey C.

  3. What a wonderful surprise to walk into the room and see you on the tube!
    You fix such wonderful things to eat all the time, and your beauty and graciousness made the apple cake seem really scrumptious!
    I’ll look forward to the next goody you provide…

    Reese K.

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